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From the Archives of Raw Foods News Magazine's Earliest Days!

 Post Date Title and Description
 2002-04-03 Major chains chlorinate sprout seeds to ward off bacteria
 If you ever buy sprouts in major food chains; think twice. This article about sprouts harboring nasty bacteria says major chains "sanitize" sprout seeds with chlorine. Ouch!
--Cox News
 2002-03-15 Travel Discounts for Vegetarians
 An insurance company in England gives vegetarians discounts in travel insurance. Of special interest to raw foodists, their policy covers being hit by falling coconuts, breadfruits or papayas. Be careful what tropical trees you stand under!
--The Guardian
 2002-02-12 Idaho Encourages Organic Farmers
 Good for Idaho. Other states should follow their lead!
--Arizona Republic
 2002-01-02 Raw Vegan Diet Alleviates Fibromyalgia Symptoms
 The title says it all!
--Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology 2000;29(5):308-13
 2002-01-02 Raw Vegan Diet Reduces Rheumatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
 A raw vegan diet has been shown to reduce the symptoms of Rheumatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Do you have any friends and relatives who would benefit from knowing about this study?
--Toxicology 2000 Nov 30;155(1-3):45-53
 2001-11-21 Black Raspberries have cancer-fighting ability
 A recent study shows that by eating black raspberries, you can help to prevent esophageal cancer. In animal studies, a diet in which 5 to 10 percent of daily calories came from black raspberries significantly reduced the incidence of cancerous throat lesions.
--the journal "Cancer Research"
 2001-11-13 Spinach and Blueberries Shown to Improve Mental Abilities of Rats
 Spinach and blueberries, both rich in antioxidants, have been shown to increase mental abilities in lab rats. Raw foodists--whose diets are to the standard American diet like a billionaire to a pauper--must be very smart!
--Associated Press
 2001-11-13 Master of Arts Degree in Vegan and Life-Food Nutrition Offered by The Tree of Life College of Living Arts
 The deadline for applications for admission to the first program (which begins February 1, 2002) is December 30, 2001.
--Tree of Life College of Living Arts
 2001-11-03 How to Be Your Own Restaurant Inspector
 Here are some common sense things to beware of when going to a restaurant. These facts are especially important when we're eating raw foods. (For example, beware of raw foodists who wipe their nose with their bare hands and then open your Durian with the same unwashed hands. We saw one prominent raw foodist guy do this!)
--Peggy Noonan, USA Weekend
 2001-10-26 Congress Fears Fresh Produce Next Target
 Officials fear that fruits and vegetables that people eat raw could be next target of terrorists. (What are raw foodists doing about this? Please write and let us know. We will publish your feedback.)
--Associated Press
 2001-10-18 Baby Apparently Starved to Death on All-Fruit Diet
 We were just alerted to this July 2001 article. We'd be interested in your feedback, after reading this, if you know of any children successfully reared on an all-fruit regimen. We'd also like to hear from medical professionals with info that could be helpful to anyone considering putting their infants on a fruitarian diet.
--The Times (London, England)
 2001-08-16 Turnip Plant Improves Sex Drive
 A pharmaceutical company plans to market an extract from this plant. Would it have the same effect if eaten raw?
 2001-07-17 Caloric Restriction is Good for Brain as Well as for Longevity
 Researchers have found that caloric restriction helps brain function. This is in addition to previous research linking caloric restriction to longevity. Our question is: Have researchers looked into raw vegan diets? We believe they might indeed equal the effects of caloric restriction, even when people eat as much as they want to.
--Brain Briefings, July 2001, Society for Neuroscience
 2001-07-12 Produce From Developing Countries May Harbor Illness
 Shigella, a bacteria that causes food poisoning, is a growing threat on produce from developing nations. All the more reason to know what you're buying.
--University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
 2001-07-01 Biotech Soybeans Plant Seed of Risky Revolution
 The genetically altered plant, a wildly successful marketing ploy, has changed farming. Critics fear health dangers and an ecosystem changed forever too.
--The LA Times
 2001-06-10 GE Crops Now Contaminating Organic Crops
 Agricultural experts say that wind-blown pollen from genetically-engineered crops is contaminating organic crops. [This is really scary. What can we do? Does this mean the only way to keep organic crops safe is to grow them indoors? Would that even work? If you're an organic farmer or agricultural expert please write and let us know.]
--The New York Times--David Barboza
 2001-06-06 Professor in Scotland says non-organic is fine
 If you disagree with this professor who says there is nothing wrong with eating non-organic produce, we hope you'll write him.
--Scotsman.com food and drink
 2001-06-02 A New Science: Accounting for Taste
 Genetics Could Provide Tools to Engineer New Flavors, Fragrances. Scientists are working on adding flavor to fresh produce through genetic engineering. Where will it all end?
--The Washington Post
 2001-05-07 Australian Doctors Discover Benefits of Broccoli & Brussels Sprouts
 A conference of MDs in Canberra, Australia said that people should eat more broccoli and brussels sprouts as a way of preventing colon cancer. (But we knew this already!)
--ABC News-Australia
 2001-05-03 Organic crop certifiers decry transgenic contamination
 The Organic Federation of Australia declared that contamination from transgenic crops in the United States has spread to such a degree that it cannot verify the purity of imported organic ingredients.
--Cropchoice news, May 1, 2001
 2001-05-01 Vegetarian Journal's synopsis of scientific journal articles on raw foods
 The New England Journal of Medicine on the benefits of lower salt intake; The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on animal protein causing more bone loss than vegetable protein; and The Institute of Medicine releases new recommendations for Vitamin A intake.
--Various scientific journals
 2001-04-24 One quarter of corn seeds may be contaminated
 The seeds in question are a biotech variety not approved for human consumption. The corn from these seeds can cause allergies. All the more reason to buy organic!
--The Associated Press
 2001-04-16 Marijuana-like agents in brain spur appetite
 A study in the Journal Nature indicates that these endocannabinoids in the brain stimulate the appetite. A good question is: Does appetite diminish on an all-raw diet? If so, I wonder what the science is.
--The Associated Press
 2001-04-12 The New York Times discovers raw foods!
 The New York Times, that bastion of journalistic orthodoxy, has discovered the virtues of raw cuisine! Read on!
--The New York Times
 2001-04-11 New Faucet Makes Fresh Produce Safer
 News report says that a new faucet technology can help to make fresh, raw produce safer to eat. (Let us know what you think about this.)
 2001-04-10 EU Plans Tight Biotech Food Controls
 Rules planned by the European Union could deal a serious setback to the booming US biotech industry. Let's hope so!
--Washington Post
 2001-04-08 New York Times foods writer on raw foodist author Rynn Berry
 New York Times writer Eric Asimov, who usually reviews carnivorous restaurants, writes about raw foodist author Rynn Berry.
--The New York Times, 4-8-01
 2001-04-06 Proposed Rules Issued for Bioengineered Foods
 This proposed rule is the result of more than 18 months of discussion with consumers, manufacturers, growers and others. This article contains links to further information.
--US Food and Drug Administration
 2001-04-06 Peanuts as a source of beneficial nutrient
 Peanuts contain a sterol with anti-cancer properties, according to this medical journal article.
--medical journal
 2001-03-29 Packaged Sliced Apples Recalled; Bacterial Contamination Possible
 Another good reason to buy organic, fresh, whole.
--CNN, The Associated Press
 2001-03-25 North Dakota Could be First State to Ban Genetically Engineered Crops
 Maybe we should all move to North Dakota.
--The New York Times
 2001-03-24 EPA Lowers Arsenic Standards for Water
 This article contains a link to a page where you can see how your local water rates.
--CNN and the Associated Press
 2001-03-24 American Heart Association Warns Against Lo-Carb Diets
 Chalk another one up for raw foods!
 2001-03-23 Exposure to Nature is Good for the Health
 This might actually fit into the Jay Leno headlines category. If this isn't obvious, what is? But--ha ha--we bring it to you in the spirit of confirming what most of us already know!
--CNN, from American Journal of Preventive Medicine
 2001-03-22 Unexpectedly High Chemical Levels Found in Americans
 With the exception of secondhand smoke (whose levels in humans has declined), toxins found in humans are on the increase, the FDA reports.
--CNN and the Associated Press
 2001-03-21 FDA to Begin Testing Humans for BioTech Corn Allergy
 If you've eaten any non-organic corn, you'll want to know about the FDA's plans to begin testing people who may have been sickened from eating a type of genetically-engineered corn.
--The Associated Press


Welcome to the new home page for Raw Foods News Magazine. We're still in the process of redesigning it, so please bear with us. We'll soon be looking better than ever!


How do you score on this raw foods quiz?

Raw Foods Enthusiast
Author: Judy Pokras

Question 1

What berry is very nutritious and sometimes called a Wolf Berry?
• 1. raspberry
• 2. strawberry
• 3. mulberry
• 4. goji berry
• 5. huckleberry

Question 2

What mildly sweet derivative of rice tastes a bit like malt and is very high in antioxidants?
• 1. cacao
• 2. tocotrienols
• 3. mesquite
• 4. maca
• 5. lucuma

Question 3

What nutritious ingredient would be essential in raw chocolate chip cookies?
• 1. cacao nibs
• 2. carob powder
• 3. raisins
• 4. blueberries
• 5. caraway seeds

Question 4

What type of seed is very high in protein and very easy to digest and is great in smoothies and tabouli?
• 1. celery seed
• 2. poppy seed
• 3. fennel seed
• 4. hemp seed
• 5. sesame seed

Question 5

Which ingredient when sliced into strips makes a great substitute for fresh pasta?
• 1. mango
• 2. papaya
• 3. Thai coconut
• 4. celery
• 5. avocado

Question 6

Which exotic fruit has the taste and texture of vanilla pudding and makes a fabulous raw ice cream without anything added to it?
• 1. white sapote
• 2. mamey
• 3. passion fruit
• 4. carambola
• 5. lychee

Question 7

Which ingredient makes a wonderful surprise when mixed into a raw cake batter?
• 1. hemp seeds
• 2. pumpkin seeds
• 3. sunflower seeds
• 4. pomegranate seeds
• 5. celery seeds

Question 8

Which ingredient is hard to find raw in the US since Sept. 1, 2007?
• 1. pecans
• 2. almonds
• 3. pine nuts
• 4. brazil nuts
• 5. filberts

Question 9

Which ingredient, when soaked in the water from a young coconut, and mixed with raw nut cream, makes a tasty cereal?
• 1. carob powder
• 2. poppy seeds
• 3. maca powder
• 4. chia seeds
• 5. wheatgrass

Question 10

Which of the following ingredients is never raw, yet inexplicably appears in some raw food recipes?
• 1. agave nectar
• 2. maple syrup
• 3. Celtic salt
• 4. Extra Virgin coconut oil
• 5. cacao

Question 11

Which other ingredient is never raw, yet inexplicably appears in some raw food recipes?
• 1. sun-dried tomatoes
• 2. pickles
• 3. nutritional yeast
• 4. carob powder
• 5. sunflower seeds

Here are the answers to this test.

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    • Scientific studies show that when oils, animal fats and nuts and seeds are heated, they're chemically changed in ways that are harmful to the body. When we eat raw foods, properly combined, we have so much more energy than when we eat cooked foods.
    • We look better when we eat raw foods.
    • When we eat raw foods, we lose weight without even trying!
    • There are many people who have healed themselves of chronic diseases and other conditions by eating a raw foods diet (in combination, perhaps, with other modalities like exercising and meditating).

    You can make delicious recipes from raw foods, so that you won't miss cooked foods. It may be hard to believe at first, but there are many people out there to vouch for this!

    + Check out this August 15, 2002 column in The Guardian.

    A note about language
    The term "raw" generally means any food grown in nature that is not heated above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature beyond which enzymes are destroyed. Enzymes are like three dimensional puzzle pieces; in order for them to fit into blood cells to facilitate digestion, they have to retain their unique shape. Heating them over 105 degrees F melts them and they can no longer do their work.

    The term "live" (pronounced with a long "i", to rhyme with hive) generally means a food (especially one that grows wild) that contains all of its life energy and that forms an alkaline condition in the body. Alkaline-producing foods contribute to health and longevity.

    A food can technically be raw, like an uncooked carrot, for example, but not be considered "live" because it contains starch and/or too much sugar, and forms acid in the body. Foods that form acid promote disease and aging.

    We use the words live and raw at Raw Foods News Magazine because "raw food" is often used as the name for the lifestyle in general, and we want to be inclusive rather than exclusive. New people are becoming interested in the lifestyle every day, and we are all at different points on the path. We think therefore that it's okay to use either term, as long as we make it clear that we personally believe in the purer (live) form of the diet.